I has the sad

I really wish I had noticed this message earlier by Gin. It was sent 6 years ago. I'm really sad right now and I can only blame myself.
I think it may be too late now.

"Carolina, please talk to me, okay? You are not in trouble. I just wish we could talk without you running away for weeks.

I'd like a link to your logo you made since I want to put it in the rules and the profile of the comm. I really love it, I just never expected it to be put as the layout of the community, I wanted to use it for the profile. It's really cute, please understand I do love it. I just think the layout is best if it's pictures of toys.

Just send me the link so I can post it around the comm if it's okay. Thank you for making it.


23.06.2011 - Greetings~

Ohaiyoo everybody~ I'm finally back after one year of break from livejournal/Pokémon community.
I have now enjoyed summer vacation for about month and I was just last weekend at Desucon, woo~
My first school year at Kiipula, Perttula's office (Arts and Crafts Vocational Qualification, artisan), went very well, I got excellent numbers and positive feedback from my works. I should take pictures from my works, when I get my camera back from my sis.
I'm kinda scared of posting to the community, but I should probably do it one day.